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Entertainment meets finance (finally).

In a world with so much amazing content on Streaming Channels and Social Media, why can't we provide fun content for people to learn how to accumulate their money? Amigo Trader came to show that it's possible.

Bringing 1 financial specialist and 1 entertainment specialist to the bench, the idea is to bring a realistic and relaxed experience for people to learn in a fun way.

Our focus was to create a podcast that provides investment content for new investors, whether they are Millennials, Gen X, Boomers or even Gen Z (Zennials), why not? We brought it to the bench on YouTube, Spotify and your favorite podcast platform.


Maurício Cid

Youtuber, Influencer Digital, Podcaster e Streamer

An internet personality in Brazil for more than 10 years, Cid knows how to bring fun to the bench. Before that, he’s still top 10 streamers in Latin America for watch time on Twitch and trending on Twitter.

Cid is the well-know “zoeiro” in Brazil. Making and reveling in whatever gossip appears on the internet stage without being cancelled.

Mauro Calil

Financial specialist and Founder of Academia do Dinheiro

Financial specialist, writer and founder of the Academia do Dinheiro channel, Mauro Calil has complete autonomy in his investments.

already helped thousands of people to take care of a better financial life, with its experience. He holds a master's degree from USP, CEA certification and has published two books in the area of personal finance “A receita do bolo" and "Separe uma verba para ser feliz".

In addition to having the "Etiqueta Financeira" column on the Exame Magazine website, it is a frequent source in the specialized media, Record News, Globo News, Folha de S.Paulo, Grupo Ban, Estado de S.Paulo, and others

José Miguel Calderón

YouTuber, publicist and digital content creator

YouTuber, advertiser and creator of digital content, Jóse Miguel Calderón, in addition to having authority in the world of records, knows how to bring humor and emotion to the stand.

Founder of the largest car channel in Latin America (El Dios de los Autos), he has surprising numbers of views on his social networks.

Sebastián Suárez

Entrepreneur, Financial specialist, Writer and Digital Influencer

Known as "Sebastián Irreverente", Sebastián Suárez is a Financial Expert, Writer and Digital Influencer.

In its social networks, it brings content of financial investments in a fun way.

He has disruptive thinking and is focused on breaking the taboo that the financiers are conservative people in tiers and loafers. Of course, a person like him, with tattoos, with a casual language can talk about subjects as serious as the financial market.

Some facts about the
Podcasts in Brazil

The State of the Podcast Universe highlights that Brazil leads the ranking of countries where the production of podcasts has grown the most since the beginning of 2020.
Brazil has 50 thousands listeners
age group:
20 to 50 years
40% of the population listens or has heard about podcasts
2.5% of the adult population invests in market shares (Bovespa).


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