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As sports lovers and enthusiasts, we believe in the strength of a team. We know that in a good team it is necessary that positions are covered by individuals with specific skills. We’ve created GOMAC, starting from our own brand, thinking about this concept. Our name means Gorillas, Orangutans, Monkeys, Apes and Chimpanzees.

But why the choice of primates?! First of all, as they say, it is where we came from, isn’t it? Our penultimate evolutionary stage.

And interestingly, each primate genus contains very specific expertise. Check it out!

Gorillas are very strong animals, capable of unbelievable deeds compared to their weight.

Orangutans are commonly illustrated as old sages. And in fact, it is a bit of what the most arboreal primates are, that is, they spend a lot of time on the trees watching the world from above. Monkeys are the generalization we use to define all primates, as if we were all the same. Apes are the most intelligent species of primates, considered in fact the closest animal to human evolution. And finally, the chimpanzees … They look … ordinary, common, but they are agile and as bright as the apes.

Our mission is to connect fans, players and teams in the same game, around the same passion and with the same goal to turn your team stronger.

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